Quality & after sales service is very important, especially when you face problems with the safe you have purchased.Incidents such as loss of pin numbers, keys, dispute or malfunctions are very common.

PRESION has been specializing in providing a wide range services for safes. These include the opening & repairing any kinds of safes, installing override keys, bolting of safes to walls or floors; up-grading of locks from Combination Dial to Electronic Digital Keyboard for safes and vault doors, etc.

To complement the overall security of your office or  home, we offer made-to-order solutions in linking the safe’s locking system with your security alarm system. We are currently the only company in the market that offers this solution.


Quality & after sales service for shredders is also very important, especially when you face problems with the machine you have purchased.

Shredding machine cutters usually become blunt after one to two years of usage. If are not taken care of, then the blunt cutters may damage the  surrounding parts like the bearing, splitters, splitter’s shaft & motor armature shaft or motor gears, etc.

Most companies only provide warranty against the breakage the cutter. If the cutter is blunt, they will typically replace it at customer’s cost. We are the only company who can sharpen the  shredder’s cutters when they are blunt, thus saving considerable amount of money for the  customer. 


We have been selling and maintaining American & German-made perforating machines all over Asia since 1976.

PRESION is also the only company manufacturing the DIRELO perforator for personal security usage

Beside standard dating and numbering perforations, we also offer customization of perforation designs, such as company Initials / logos or signatures in our machines.


We have been selling and maintaining American-made  signers of established brands are 

Standard RegisterPaymaster & Martin Yale since 1992.

Today, we are pleased to offer the American-made Progressive Payment Service (PPS) Signer, a
pioneer in forgery protection & ultra-reliable, cost-effective document machines.


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