PRESION PTE LTD established in 1971

Our company is the leading provider of innovative high quality safes, shredders, perforators, signers and related products for the banking & financial markets. Our company has developed its core strengths that form the foundation of our company since 1971. We offer tailored and unique solutions for your security needs. 

As a leading Office Equipment & Business Machines Distributor and Service Center with 45 years of market experience, we have consistently provided prompt and efficient services for our customers. More importantly, we put customer satisfaction above all other criteria as the measure of business success and we will continue to maintain professionalism in our relationship with our stakeholders.

We provide you with professional, reliable and quality services. Our company’s main priority is to offer high quality products with good finishing.  Quality & after sales service is also very important, especially when you face problems with the products you have purchased. Most customers are not aware of such problems until after they have purchased the products.

Dear Valued Customers,

After sales service is very important, especially SAFES, when you find your vendors are unable to open or repair the safes you have purchased.

Incidents such as loss of Combination number or pin codes, keys, dispute or malfunctions are very common. If such incidents happen, then it is very inconvenient for the Management or individual who may urgently need to open the safes.

As for Shredding Machines, the cutter usually becomes blunt after one to two years of usage. Most companies are unable to sharpen the cutters and so they will typically replace it at your cost.

As for PRESION, we are the only Company who can provide the service to sharpen the shredder’s cutters when they are blunt, thus saving considerable amount of money for our customers.

PRESION has 45 years of providing High Quality products

& Excellent After-Sales Service since our establishment in 1971

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